The Math of God’s Everlasting Kingdom

The first Bahá’í book that I truly enjoyed reading was Thief in the Night by William Sears, a Bahá’í “Hand of the Cause” whom I think my parents had known in their L.A. years (1957 to 1966). The book, the full title of which was “Thief in the Night: Or, The Strange Case of the Missing Millennium,” was about prophecies that had foretold the coming of the Bahá’í revelation, most of it Biblical and inspired by the work of William Miller on “the visions of Daniel and John.” “Thief in the Night” was first published in 1961. My parents named their next child “Daniel John.” The middle name was coincidental. It was my father’s name, and also the name of both of my grandfathers.

The Baha’i Library has posted a review of Thief in the Night.

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