Californians (1916)

Californians was completed in 1915 and published in 1916. It gives roughly equal coverage to Southern California and the Big Sur coast.

  • Invocation
  • Stephen Brown
  • Emilia
  • The Vardens
  • Maldrove
  • The Three Avilas
  • Ruth Alison
  • Dorothy Atwell
  • The Old Farmer
  • At Lindsay’s Cabin
  • The Mill Creek Farm
  • The Belled Doe

Descriptive Songs

  • A Westward Beach *
  • Wonder and Joy
  • Eucalyptus Trees
  • The First Grass
  • When I behold the greatest
  • Juan Higera Creek
  • The Return of Venus
  • He Has Fallen in Love with the Mountains
  • The Wanderer to his Wine-cup
  • For a Bridegroom
  • Where shall I take you to
  • The Homely Labors
  • To an Old Square Piano
  • Let us go home to Paradise
  • Dream of the Future (To U. J.) *


  • The Year of Mourning *
  • Song of Quietness *
  • Ode on Human Destinies *

* Tim Hunt (2000) groups six poems under the heading “The Mountain Village.” One of those six poems, titled “The Mountain Village,” I have been unable to locate.

Tim Hunt (2000) replaces the poem “Dream of the Future (To U. J.)” with “To U.J.” in the list of Descriptive Songs, and moves “Dream of the Future” to the group he entitles “The Mountain Village”.