Carmel Timeline, 1914 to 1919

Year Event
1914 War breaks out in Europe. The American economy enters a 44-month boom as European countries depend more and more on American goods. The Monterey area is no exception. See Steinbeck’s East of Eden.
  25th anniversary of the Del Monte Express.
  February: San Francisco breaks ground at Hetch Hetchy.
  Power lines extended to Carmel.
  Los Angeles paves 50 miles of streets.
  September: Robinson and Una Jeffers move to Carmel.
1915 Carmel’s Forest Theater features 11 separate productions.
  Plan for Pebble Beach Golf Links presented by Samuel F.B. Morse.
  February: first edition of the Carmel Pine Cone is printed.
  Robin and Una Jeffers appear to have purchased a Ford Model T.
  First transcontinental phone call made from San Francisco.
  Los Angeles: Wilshire Boulevard paved.
  December: The millionth Model T is produced.
1916 Construction begins on Pebble Beach Golf Links.
  Carmel-by-the-Sea is formally established as a municipality.
  The Carmel-Monterey Highway is paved.
1917 Model T production passes the 2-million mark.
  December 26: Pebble Beach lodge burns down, delays opening of Pebble Beach Golf Links one year.
1918 Work begins on the D.L. James House at Carmel Highlands, made of native Yankee Point granite.
  November: War ends in Europe. Europe is in ruins. The United States emerges as the world’s prominent economic power.
1919 San Francisco, a short train ride from Monterey, remains the largest city west of Saint Louis.
  February: Pebble Beach Golf Links opens, along with a new lodge.
  Carmel Point Golf Course lands are subdivided for residential development.
  Robinson and Una Jeffers purchase much of the oceanfront land
  May: Contract for construction of Tor House signed
  Herbert Heron establishes The Seven Arts, the first of Carmel’s famous art shops.
  Michael J. Murphy, contractor, builds Tor House at Carmel Point, employing a stonemason and other craftsmen, with some apprentice work performed by his client, Robinson Jeffers.
  Robinson Jeffers begins work on his first project: a garage for his family Model T.

References to Los Angeles are for the purpose of comparison.