Works Published from 1929 to 1937

Jeffers’ fame had now grown beyond literary circles. A sculpted bust of the poet was featured in a London exhibition. Beginning in 1929, the Jeffers family began to travel. Friends and admirers began to multiply. In 1930, Mabel Dodge Luhan rented a house next to their property, and would influence the Jeffers family for many years to come. Later in 1930, Jeffers completed the dining hall stonework, the last stone masonry project he would ever complete.

By April 1932, Jeffers’ face was on the cover of Time magazine.

The Jeffers family would visit Mabel Dodge Luhan in Taos almost every year from 1932 to 1939. This was more to the benefit of Una and the boys than to Jeffers himself.

In August 1936, Jeffers experienced a minor rebirth during an overnight excursion up Ventana Creek in Big Sur. The experience influenced his poetry for decades to come, but it would not steer him clear of distraction, temptation, conflict, and tragedy.