A number of Robinson Jeffers’ as yet unpublished poems were published a year after he died. The poems were selected somewhat arbitrarily, and not at the direction of the poet himself as might be supposed. Therefore it is misleading to refer to them by the title of the posthumous collection, and inaccurate to call them his “last poems.” To simply call them “unpublished” might be more accurate, only here we are specifically interested in those poems written after the poems of Hungerfield and Other Poems.

  • The Shears
  • Patronymic
  • Bird and Fishes
  • Let Them Alone
  • “The unformed volcanic earth”
  • The Ocean’s Tribute
  • On an Anthology of Chinese Poems
  • “The mathematicians and physics men”
  • Vulture
  • Granddaughter
  • The Epic Stars
  • “Goethe, they say, was a great poet”
  • Hand
  • Oysters
  • “It nearly cancels my fear of death”
  • “I have been warned …” (AKA “But I am Growing Old and Indolent”)