Carmel Timeline, 1910 to 1913

Year Event
1910 Herbert Heron, per a suggestion from Mary H. Austin, founds the Forest Theater.
  May: A story in the LA Times celebrates Carmel.
1911 Professor Francis E. Lloyd moves to Carmel.
1912 The Monterey area’s second golf course is opened at Carmel Point.
  Charles Gould purchases two 16-passenger buses, and (probably) begins bus service between Monterey and Carmel.
  Chinese lease at Pescadero expires, “ending more than 40 years of Chinese occupation on the site.”
  Los Angeles gets its first gas station.
1913 Mary H. Austin’s play Fire is performed at the Forest Theater.
  17-Mile Drive begins to charge a toll, principally to cover paving expenses.
  Production of the Model T more than doubles, reaching a total of 170,000 in 1913, and 300,000 since 1908.
  Los Angeles Aqueduct completed.
  Los Angeles: Sunset Boulevard still in the process of being paved. By year’s end, less than 200 miles of L.A. streets have been paved.

References to Los Angeles are for the purpose of comparison.