Carmel Timeline, 1880–1899


Year Event
1880 The hotel that would come to be named the Hotel Del Monte, one of the great American luxury hotels of the time, is opened in Monterey by the Southern Pacific Railroad.
1883 The Carmel River Dam is completed as a service to the Hotel Del Monte. It would later serve Carmel. It was also called the “Chinese Dam,” as it was constructed using Chinese labor.
1884 Restoration of Carmel Mission begins.
1886 In Germany, Benz produces the first production automobile.
1888 Santiago Duckworth files map of “Carmel City” at county seat in Salinas. Plans resort development and builds Hotel Carmel at the intersection of Junipero (then Broadway) and Ocean. Two hundred lots sold and some cottages built before the 1890s depression.
1889 Monterey is linked to San Francisco and the Transcontinental Railroad by the Southern Pacific’s Del Monte Express, a 3 hour and twenty minute ride that takes San Franciscans within 4 miles of Carmel.
1889 Abbie Jane Hunter opens the Hotel Carmelo.
1890 The Del Monte Express is extended to Pacific Grove.
1892 17-Mile Drive (AKA 18-Mile Drive) opens.
  Abbie Jane Hunter founds the Women’s Real Estate and Investment Company in Carmel.
1893 The first American production automobile is completed by the Duryea Motor Wagon Company.
1897 The Del Monte Golf Course is added to the features of the Hotel Del Monte.