Tor House at Dusk

In full autumn
The spirits return
To Tor House.
Down on the beach
Groups of those who went
Long before move gracefully
Around fires,
Chanting in languages
We cannot know,
Only listen to and
Learn from.
Is that movement
There in the grass above—
Haig the house dog
On a quest? I’d like
To think so.
Ripple Huth moves
Around the grounds,
Smiling, approving what’s
Been saved, what’s been
At the top of Hawk Tower
A spare man with
A voice as craggy
As the granite he worked with:
Jeffers: “Well done,
Little lady, How about
A glass of strong red.”

        —Kevin Jones

Ripple Huth was a long-time Tor House Foundation volunteer and docent trainer. Sometimes referred to as the “soul of Tor House.”