Dan at Tunnel Meadow Corral

Dan at Tunnel Meadow Corral

“All things think.” — Heraclitus

Dan was born in LA, baptized in the Deep South, raised in the Great Valley, and reborn in the Sierra Nevada. He worships at the fire temple called California. He has developed computer software since 1989. He resides on the outskirts of Silicon Valley.

Kaweah is the name of a river the flows from the giant Sequoia groves down into the Tulare Basin below. It is also the name of the highest mountain on the western divides of the southern “Range of Light.”

It is no secret that the Yokuts (Indian) name “Kaweah” translates to “Raven Cry” or “Crow Cry”. Why a Yokuts tribe was given this name—or what was precisely meant by the word—is unknown.

The common raven has a rich repertoire of voices. It is a remarkably intelligent bird that gives the lie to a common human prejudice against birds and other creatures.

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