Fawn’s Foster Mother

This is one of those few odd cases where a Jeffers poem is anthologized by a variety of editors, but wholly omitted from Jeffers-exclusive collections (aside from Robert Haas’ out-of-print collection, Rock and Hawk). It is included in Collected Poetry, but that’s hardly a selective work. This case appears even stranger to those of us who really like this poem about an aged mountain matriarch—a splendidly odd portrait.

@1988 Stanford University Press. Limited preview provided by Google Books.

Fawn’s Foster Mother is included in the following anthologies:

  • Twentieth-Century American Poetry, 2003; eds. Gioia, Mason, & Schoerke
  • The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Third Edition, 2003; eds. Ramazani, Ellman, & O’Clair
  • The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, Second Edition, 1988; eds. Ellman & O’Clair
  • The New Oxford Book of American Verse, 1976; ed. Richard Ellman
  • The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry, 1973; eds. Ellman & O’Clair