California Smoking Ban Takes Effect

CHICO, CALIFORNIA. Millions of Californians finished off their last packs on Wednesday, on the eve of the day that the new statewide smoking ban is scheduled to take effect. As a consumer panic hit cigarette retailers throughout the state, the second-hand smoke rising from San Diego to Happy Camp could be seen from satellite.
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One comment on “California Smoking Ban Takes Effect

  1. David says:

    Well…. cigarettes go up to $13 a pack tomorrow. Gas, over $6 a gallon, and then there is aids… Hmmm Just thinking about the good ole day. Cruising with a chick and a pack of lucky strikes in your short sleeved shirt. Could be an expensive and dangerous proposition? Guess tonight is a good night to quit smoking! Oh yeah… Beer is $13 a six pack here too… Well at least I can still get free internet from my neighbors wireless.

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