Poets of Antrim

At the eleventh hour, Carolyn and I decided to drive down to Carmel on Saturday evening to catch “Coast to Coast: Two Poets from Ireland’s Glens of Antrim” in the parlor of the East Wing of Tor House. We were glad that we did. The evening featured the poets Anne-Marie Fyfe and Cahal Dallat. Mr. Dallat, also a musician and Jeffers scholar who attributes much influence to Robinson Jeffers on Irish poetry. My general opinion of Jeffers’ poems of Ireland is that they are not his best work. They don’t move me. That is of course a subjective assessment. Still, Mr. Dallat’s presentation made a good case for Jeffers as a significant force in Irish literature.

Hearing my grandma’s ancestral isle of Barra mentioned a couple times was a nice bonus.

Here are links to the official websites of our distinguished guests:

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