Fall Festival 2015

The Tor House Foundation’s Fall Festival was once again good fun, from the Friday evening social at Tor House to the Sunday morning poetry walk on Carmel River Beach. Saturday featured, “Once Upon a Sunday,” a newly rediscovered film that featured Point Lobos, plus a wonderful new book by Tom Killion. I felt very fortunate to have been given an opportunity to squeeze in a recitation of Jeffers’s gem “Apology for Bad Dreams.” When I’d first been asked if I’d like to read something with a Point Lobos theme, I’d said that I’d like to read “Boats in a Fog.” Fortunate for me, someone had already claimed that one. I was thus forced to choose “Apology,” which is way too long for such an event, but what the Hell. The recitation was a cathartic experience, and many in attendance seemed to enjoy it. Why more people don’t do this sort of thing escapes me.

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