Ventana Creek

This last Saturday, I celebrated the arrival of spring with a day hike up Ventana Creek and Doolins Hole Creek.

The Ventana Cones from the Pine Ridge TrailConfluence of the Big Sur River and Ventana CreekVentana Creek, near the humpCampground by Ventana Creek

I hadn’t got a very early start, so I didn’t have much time. I was also hiking solo, so I wasn’t about to try anything particularly adventurous. I wasn’t able to find the Doolins Hole albino redwood. Perhaps it didn’t survive the 2008 fire, or maybe I just didn’t go far enough up the creek. More likely I simply overlooked it. Ventana Creek was as bad as its reputation: deadfall upon deadfall. I was ultimately turned backed by a pile of several redwood logs. I didn’t have time to go much farther. I’ll have to find another fool to try this with me for an overnighter some time.

Photos by Dan Jensen, 2014.

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