A Letter from Duska

Following is a letter that my sister Duska wrote me from Angleton, Texas, back when I was a 15 year old heavy metal fan in Tulare, California. I doubt that I had become a Rush fanatic yet. This was during my rebellion against Top 40 Ad Nauseam, just before Moving Pictures was released. There is an implication that I liked the band KISS in this letter. My response to the allegation is as follows: No FREAKIN Way!!

Duska and Tim (and daughter Alanna) had just got their precious stork delivery, Nicki, only seven weeks before.


Dear Danny,

Got your letter today, so I better write back
First tell Dad, Mom & everybody, that Alanna was delighted with the books and tape. She is using “The Magic Garden” for a book Report at school.
Guess I’ll switch to a pen. And the baby book is Really nice.
I am proud of all your A’s Keep it up!!
I love your list of bands.
I don’t know about our favorites but I’ll make you a semi-list-
of the bands whose songs we do (By the way I’ve started to sing again – I mean I’m practicing with the band)

AC/DC – “You Shook Me” “Highway to H—” (Glen Sings)
Judas Priest – Living After Midnight I Sing
Pat Benetar – “Hell is for Children” “You’e out of Touch” (Me)
Blondie – “One Way or Another” (Me)
Ted Nugent – “Storm Troopers”, “Cat Scratch Fever” (Tim sings)
ZZ Top – “Francene” (Tim) “Automobile” (Tim)
Black Sabbath – “Neon Knights” (Me)
Sue Saad & the Next – “Prisoner” Me

Well that is part of our list. We listen to almost all the bands you mentioned – and have lots of the albums – EXCEPT KISS – Don’t care for them much. But before our last bass player quit we did “Detroit Rock City” and “I Was Made For Loving You”
Tim is a big RUSH fan.
The[y] are trying to make me one of the only “Heavy Metal Chick Singers” around. It is hard on the old throat.
I like to sing “blues” and I’m trying to work more in.
Don’t worry about not having a cool guitar. Everybody starts somewhere.
Too bad you’re not here so Tim could give you lessons. He’s good.

If you don’t let mom read this tell her Nicki is fine. And her name is spelled Nichole. Easy to mispell.
I got the “CASE” of vitamins. MY GOODNESS!!! I’ll become addicted. I smell like Vitamin B!!
We are going to get GOOD pictures of Nicki taken tomarrow. She [is] so cute, talks and slobbers all the time. And she only messes her pants when we go somewhere – (Doesn’t want to stink up the house)
Alanna is fine too.
Got to go now.


P.S. What’s Allen’s address?

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  1. Nicki says:

    That last paragraph about me cracked me up! I would love to find more letters like that. I know so little about my mom and my life from that time.

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