Valley to Valley

Here’s a tribute to Hockett country that I recently threw together, to the music of U2’s song “Elevation”. Yes, we take the song quite literally, as it serves our present purposes.


2 comments on “Valley to Valley

  1. Excellent, well-paced transitions between images, Dan. This item was composed rather than being “thrown together”, I think. The music seemed a lot busier than the subject matter, but that may be just a matter of personal taste. Anyway, it was good to have my aesthetic challenged. I watched the video/slide-show to the end, which is unusual for me.

  2. Dan Jensen says:

    Thanks, Steve. I appreciate the positive feedback. Yep, the soundtrack choice was rather, er, unorthodox. I was trying to come up with something other than “Rocky Mountain High”. iMovie deserves a lot of credit for the technical aspects. It makes those transitions easy to manage, and fun as well. I may have overdosed on the “Ken Burns effect”. 🙂

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