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I’ve now migrated away from iPage. My new hosting service, “InMotion,” is reported by PC Magazine to provide “rock-solid uptime,” and it appears to provide nearly double the speed of iPage, which I admit is still quite slow, but I am not managing ecommerce sites. Speed is not critical. InMotion is also cheaper than iPage. iPage started out very inexpensive, but the rates have climbed to the point that it is an expensive service for “faithful” suckers like me.

InMotion’s track record is not without stains. Hopefully I’m not stepping from the frying pan into the fire.

InMotion provides a free “data restoration” service for “business class” (shared server) accounts under 10GB (I’m way under that). Unfortunately, I’ve seen recent reports of InMotion’s backup/restore service failing. InMotion does provide a simple and convenient manual backup utility. I can’t yet vouch for its thoroughness.