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AKA Apostates, Post-Bahá'ís, Leavetakers, etc. The Premier Christian Ex-Bahá'í Website, but not just for Christians. Features Bahá'í Faith critics, controversies, sects, texts, Christian apologetics, ex-Baha'is and converts to Christianity, ex-cult support, and more! Created by Eric Stetson, creator of
Baha'i the Way Skeptical notes from an ex-Bahá'í, self-styled smokable leaf. A personal blog that re-examines the Bahá'í Faith.
Thinking Out Silent Mavaddat Javid's thought blog.
The Religion of Bayan Wahid Azal's Bayani site. (unavailable, 1/26/10)


Baha'i Rants The blog of an open-minded Bahá'í who has somehow managed to remain in good standing.
Bahais Online A forum for free-thinking Bahá'ís.

Francisco de Goya, The Incantation

Information Resources

These sites are general information resources with no particular axe to grind.

Bahá'í Library Online An invaluable resource for open minds.
Bahá'í Reference Library The authoritative collection of authoritative Bahá'í literature.
H-Bahai H-Bahai encourages scholarly discussion of the culture and history of millenarian and/or esoteric religious traditions originating in modern Iran, such as Shaykhism, Babism and the Baha'i faith, and makes available diverse bibliographical, research, and teaching aids.
Moojan Momen: Religious Studies Ok I lied. This guy has an ax to grind, but he's informative in spite of himself.

De-Haifanated Bahá'ís

These are pages produced by believing Bahá'ís of the dominant Haifan school who are suffering from varying degrees of disillusionment and exile. Also known as "Liberals" and "Academics".

Juan Cole: Informed Comment Juan Cole's blog. Perhaps today's most notable Bahá'í scholar. Also considered an authority on the Middle East.
Juan Cole Juan Cole's web site at the University of Michigan.
Sen McGlinn's blog Reflections on the Bahai teachings and community, by a Baha'i who was expelled for discussing theology and for making a case against Baha'i theocracy.
Who is Bahá'u'lláh? An introduction to the Bahá'í Faith by expelled Bahá'í Alison Marshall. Includes a blog.
Bahá'í Mysticism Alison Marshall, an expelled Bahá'í, describes her reflections on Bahá'í mysticism, as well as her eviction from the mainstream Bahá'í community.
Karen Bacquet A personal page with lots of thoughtful essays from the perspective of an unenrolled Bahá'í. Ms. Bacquet also has a blog. Hold on, she's got another! You can catch her on Twitter.
Baha'i Blog 1919 The Baha'i blog of German unenrolled Baha'i Inge Berthal.
The Bahai Faith & Religious Freedom of Conscience A site featuring information on censorship by the Bahá'í administration, and other information on the deterioration of the Bahá'í community. Presented by expelled Bahá'í reformist Frederick Glaysher.

Pre-Haifanated Bahá'ís

Apparently, a few post-Shoghi Bahá'ís don't buy into the Carmelite or Mason Remey schools.

Free Bahá'ís

Bahá'ís who believe that Bahá'í authority ended with the passing of `Abdu'l-Bahá, and that the Covenant, as it has come to be known, is a doctrine that was not conceived by `Abdu'l-Bahá, but rather by the author of a fraudulent document.

Free Baha'is Pre-Gaurdianship Baha'is

Unitarian Bahá'ís

Followers of `Abdu'l-Bahá's brother, Mirza Muhammad `Alí, who was named by Bahá'u'lláh to be the leader of the Bahá'ís after `Abdu'l-Bahá's passing, but was excommunicated by `Abdu'l-Bahá. There is little evidence that this is an organized group. All these sites are posted on the same webhosting service, and most of their material appears to come from a book of the orientalist E.G. Browne.

Abdu'l-Bahá: The Most Mighty Branch Presents E.G. Browne's account of the degradation of `Abdu'l-Bahá as leader of the Bahá'ís.
Abdul Baha, Baha'i Faith & E.D. Browne Presents E.G. Browne's account of the degradation of `Abdu'l-Bahá as leader of the Bahá'ís.
The Secret Activities of Abdul Baha Extracts from E.G. Browne's Materials For the Study of the Babi Religion.

Orthodox Bahá'ís (Roswell group)

National Bahá'í Council of the US Documentation concerning the Orthodox Faith of Baha'u'llah with the continuing Guardianship of the Faith.
The Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith The home page of the Third Guardian of the Bahá'í Faith.
Orthodox Baha'is of Roswell NM Baha'is under the living Guardianship, which is the source of divine guidance and is why this is "The Day that will not be followed by night."
The Orthodox Bahá'í Faith in South Australia An Australian web site dedicated to the "Third Guardian".

True Seeker A portal to the teachings of the Orthodox Bahá'í Faith.
Karen Jo Herman's Bahá'í Home Page An Orthodox Bahá'í's personal home page.

Orthodox Bahá'ís (King group, Las Vegas, NM)

Tarbiyat Baha'i Community National House of Justice of the Orthodox Baha'is of the United States and Canada. Includes a position paper aimed at "Sans Guardian Baha'is", which explains the origins of the organisation and events associated with their current isolation from the Universal House of Justice.

Bahá'ís Under the IV Guardian (Brent M. Reed & Jacques A. Soghomonian)

Heart of the Baha'i Faith A discussion group led by Brent Reed, spokesman for Guardian Jacques A. Soghomonian.
Baha'is Loyal to the IV Guardian Beliefnet discussion group.

Bahá'ís Under the Provisions of the Covenant (Jensen group, Missoula, MT)

No relation to the publisher of this site. Not that we are aware of, anyway!

The Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant The principal BUPC web site.
Alaska's Northern Lights Baha'i Faith The Baha'i Faith as interpreted by the "Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant" and links to other BUPC sites and resources.
Entry By Troops by J.T. Lamb A site discussing various prophecies, covenant issues, and scandals from a BUPC perspective.
The Universal House of Justice The site of the BUPC Universal House of Justice, famously opposed by the National Spiritual Assembly of the US.
Bahá'í Faith Network Provides a viewpoint on Baha'i Scripture from the perspective of the Baha'is Under the Provisions of the Covenant. Not presently maintained

See the Wikipedia articles on Leland Jensen, the Second International Bahá'í Council, and Neal Chase.

Muslim Views [Open Directory]

bahaiawareness Aims at making Muslims as well as Bahá'ís aware of little known facts about this Faith. Provided by Imran Shaykh.
Was Baha'ullah a Prophet? ... An Islamic critique of the Bahá'í Faith.

Christian Views [Open Directory]

Coming New World Religion The Baha'i Faith viewed as "New Age Communism" and a false doctrine.
The Fireside Letters A Christian apologetic opposing Baha'i theology and defending a historic Christian viewpoint.
The Religion of Baha'i A critique of the Baha'i Faith; its origins, major beliefs, contrasts with Christianity, its organization, goals, and weaknesses. By Lou Whitworth.
Baha'i World Faith A summary of the Baha'i World Faith and a brief Christian response to its doctrines.
Baha'i A background and history of the Baha'i faith.
An Introduction for Evangelical Christians A viewpoint on the Bahá'í Faith written to address issues of interest to Evangelical Christians.

Discussion Groups

ex-bahai A forum for ex-Bahá'ís and Bahá'ís questioning their faith.

talisman9 A forum for discussion about Baha'i issues. Open to non-Baha'is.

unenrolledbahai A discussion group for Bahá'ís who have resigned or been expelled from the mainstream Bahá'í community.

Baha'i Debate An open forum for the debate of the validity and relative merits of the Bahá'í Faith.

These are the twin unmoderated Bahá'í newsgroups. They have identical charters, the only difference being that talk.religion.bahai was created as a more available equivalent of alt.religion.bahai.

alt.religion.bahai Created in April 1997 by a non-Bahá'í.
talk.religion.bahai After first being proposed in January 1997, finally established two years later with the passing of a third proposal, despite opposition campaigns from Haifan Bahá'ís in Good Standing Mark Towfiq and Susan Maneck.


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